Park Service Considering Increase to Daily Permits!

May 8th 2019

On Weds, the Bureau of Land Management announced a proposal to increase daily permits from 20 per day to a maximum of 96 people per day.

The Wave has seen an exponential increase in permit applications, and this step is being considered for to meet some of the demand, while still preserving the unique landscape from being damaged.

Still, this increase would barely make a difference, with over 160,000 people applying in recent years for roughly 7,000 permits.
Both sides have argued for years whether the delicate sandstone formations would be damaged from increased visitation. However, with the lottery-like chances of getting a permit, people have become increasingly frustrated with the amount of effort it takes to see this part of the area.

Tears of joys, shouts of excitement, and groans of disappointment have become commonplace in the packed drawing room where lucky applicants are chosen daily.

Sound off below if you support the increase in permits, or if you think it is a bad idea.