Hire a Guide

Why hire a Guide?

What if we told you that most people who hike to The Wave end up missing out on the exquisite beauty and singular geology of Coyote Buttes North, because they’re so focused on not getting lost on the way to The Wave? That would be the ultimate case of not seeing the forest for the trees, right? Getting a permit to hike The Wave is a highly-coveted, once-in-a-lifetime experience. So how do you ensure that you make the most of it? By hiring a guide!

There is no Established Trail!

If you were fortunate enough to score a permit for The Wave, one of the first things you learn is that there is no “established” trail to The Wave. Even though the BLM supplies a detailed map of the hiking route to permit holders, basic map reading and route-finding skills are a definite plus. There are instances every year of people getting so hopelessly lost that they never see The Wave, or worse, require a costly search and rescue operation to get them back to safety, and civilization. Then there’s the matter of whether the House Rock Valley Road to the Wire Pass Trailhead is even passable at the time of your hike. Winter snowstorms and summer flash floods can turn the normally hard, compacted dirt road to sticky, wet clay, which has mired many a rental car over the years. Who needs all those variables to ruin what is likely to be your one and only chance to see The Wave?

Kanab Tour Company

There are over a dozen tour outfitters authorized by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to conduct tours to Coyote Buttes North and its crown jewel, The Wave. Our preferred tour partner is Kanab Tour Company. 

The reality is that with so many people trying for a permit to the Wave the odds are that you will not get one. Let us customize a tour that shows off the other little known formations in the area!

Tour Operators

These trained professionals can eliminate the guesswork of hiking to The Wave. They’ll help you take quality photos by guiding you to the best areas of Coyote Buttes North at the times of day that lend optimal light and shadow play on the rock formations, such as:

  • The “Second” Wave

  • Sand Cove

  • The Boneyard 

  • Top Rock and Top Rock Arch

  • North and South TeePees

  • The Dinosaur Dance Floor

  • Melody Arch

  • The Alcove

  • Hourglass Arch

  • Dick’s Arch


With Kanab Tour Company, you’ll find a clean, comfortable fleet of late-model, high-clearance vehicles, and local driver/guides with the experience and knowledge to safely pilot them. They can power through deep mud and sand, and spider-crawl over boulders, ruts, and other obstacles – both expected and unexpected – that might pop up on the journey. On the trail, they’ll share insight and expertise on the geology and human history of the area that you may miss out on by going unaccompanied

If you were unable to secure permits for The Wave and Coyote Buttes North, these companies can suggest a myriad of alternate sites that are just as incredible as The Wave (some, dare we say it, even moreso!), and don’t require a permit. Remember, they are experts on the area of the American Southwest known as The Grand Circle and their knowledge and enthusiasm can make a huge difference in the quality of your vacation, your photos, and your memories!

Companies with the necessary clearance from the BLM (Bureau of Land Management) to guide tours to The Wave are:


  • Action Photo Tours — www.actionphototours.com — 208-789-5899

  • American West Scenic Adventures — www.utahguidedtours.com —  435-767-0220
  • Dreamland Safari Tours — www.dreamlandtours.net —  435-644-5506

  • Grand Circle Tours — www.vermilioncliffs.net —  928-691-0166

  • Grand Staircase Discovery Tours — www.grandstaircasediscoverytours.com —  928-614-4099

  • Kanab Tour Company — www.kanabtourcompany.com —  435-644-5525

  • Kanab Western Adventures — www.kanabwesternadventures.com — 435-690-0220

  • Coral Cliffs Tours of Kanab — www.cctoursandtownhomes.com — 435-899-0697

  • Paria Outpost & Outfitters — www.paria.com —  928-691-1047

  • ROAM Outdoor Adventures — www.roam-outdoor.com — 435-319-0472‬

  • Seeking Treasure Adventures — www.seekingtreasureadventures.com —  435-689-2182

  • Antelope Canyon Tours — www.antelopecanyon.com — 928-645-9102

  • Lake Powell Scenic Tours — www.lakepowellscenictours.com — 928-316-6060

  • Adventure Tours of Kanab — 435-689-2029

  • Peek-A-Boo Slot Canyon Tours — www.peekaboo-slot-canyon-tours.com — 435-414-9793

Some outfitters offer round-trip transport from Page, Arizona, Kanab, Utah and other gateway cities. Others require that you meet them at their headquarters. Be sure you establish your tour’s meeting place, what time zone they’re operating on, and convenience to where you’re staying, before committing to use their services. Also, be aware that utilizing a guided tour to The Wave does not exempt you from the requirement to get a Wave Permit. You still need to get one. Some tour companies may apply on your behalf as part of a booked excursion, with contingency tour locations for if a permit is not awarded.

While you wait for your permit why not take a look at some other tours in the area.